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Grants Program

Each year, SORVO raises money in order to support projects from current or former Peace  Corps communities. 

Our funding priorities are to

  • donate money in a way that will have the largest benefit to host country communities
  • continue the connection of SORVO RPCVs to their host countries


  • 2018 - $1000 dollars donated

Selection Criteria

  • Projects are selected at our annual business meeting in January
  • Members in attendance vote on the number of projects and the specific amount of funding

Application Process

Please contact SORVO at to nominate an organization or project for a grant. 

Past Grant Recipients

Sí a la Vida

The project was founded in 1994 as a residential program for homeless street kids in Nicaragua


Friends of the Dominican Republic 

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) is a non-profit corporation created to continue supporting Peace Corps’ work in the Dominican Republic.